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Director's Message

My name is Camille Heriard Dubreuil, and I've been carrying this school project since I was 9 years old! Even as a child, I dreamt of a school where I could have more freedom in my movements, engage in action, and learn by doing rather than just listening. I wished to feel safe with my teachers, welcomed, and loved despite my learning difficulties.

The project

In 2016, I started the Montessori school, an ambitious and daring project.

Our school aims to focus on three main aspects:

  • Connection to nature

  • Montessori Pedagogy

  • Cultural diversity


Our school is now 7 years old, having successfully weathered the storms of the early days of an alternative school.

Today, we are proud of our school. We welcome around fifty children aged 3 to 12 from over 9 different nationalities, guided by a team of 6 educators trained in Montessori Pedagogy.


Our school is independent and not affiliated with any religious or political movements. It is recognized by the academic inspection but does not receive any subsidies.

Why give?

In 2022, to secure the project, we were able to purchase the school through a loan and all my savings.

In 2023, we carried out the renovation and upgrading of the 3-6 age group classroom. These significant works ensure that children are welcomed in good safety conditions, in bright and pleasant facilities every day.

However, the cost of the work could not be fully covered by a bank loan, and the school must finance €20,000 on its own.

How will the funds be used?

The funds raised will go towards completing the payment for these renovation works and stabilizing the school's finances. This will allow us to continue to welcome children from around the world.

How to give?

Click on "Support" to access the GoFundMe page

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