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the children's house

Develop the desire to learn

The Children's House is designed for children 3 to 6 years old. It is an environment which is aimed at nurturing the child's individual development and curiosity in a group setting. 

The result? A self confident child who is able to reach their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social potential.

A well cared for environment

The teacher works to perfect the environment – in it, your child works to perfect themselves. Our teachers put tremendous care and attention to detail into the classroom. Low shelves, beautiful artwork, books, sensorial material and cultural items of interest to pique your child’s interest and stimulate their senses. The children respond by developing a sense of respect for their classroom, and a desire to care for it, further deepening the important bonds of community and their quest to learn.

Group activities and play

Although most of the day is devoted to self-employment, there are also periods of group activity and play. The teacher may gather a group to sing or tell stories on a cultural, scientific or historical theme of interest. There is also plenty of time to run, dig, explore and play with friends in the exterior courtyard.

Essential skills for a successful life 
The 3-6 year old classroom is designed to help your child achieve their fullest potential. Through “grace and courtesy” demonstrations, your child learns how to solve conflicts, how to act politely in social situations and how to be kind and helpful to others.

Material in The Children's House 

Children under the age of 6 are endowed with a unique sensitivity that enables them to absorb all the wonders happening around them. Therefore they are able to acquire certain abilities almost effortlessly- a child learns how to walk and speak without a teacher and is able to self teach from a young age. 

A calm and orderly environment allows children to learn at their own pace, according to their own abilities and in a non-competitive atmosphere. 

In the Montessori class, the child is free to explore all materials that interests him or her, they will then repeat the activity on their own until they are satisfied. In this approach, the learned skill or concept becomes concrete though the mastery of various materials.

The educator's job is to carefully observe the progress of each child, proposing new areas of interest and challenges if necessary. The child should always leave the Montessori classroom with a feeling of accomplishment and discovery.

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