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An education based on the stages of child development

The bilingual Montessori School of Uzès was founded in 2016 with the goal of accompanying each child in a personalized manner and enabling them to grow with confidence within a caring environment. It is a small-scale school with 2 classes: one class for children aged 3 to 6 and another class for children aged 6 to 12.


Mixed-age classes

Because the program is personalized, your child can work at their own pace while participating in a mixed-age class community. Younger children learn by observing the behavior and activities of older children, and older children gain self-confidence, leadership skills, and responsibility by setting an example for their younger peers.

The child: the center of our attention

The educators are trained by the Maria Montessori Higher Institute, accredited center of AMI (Association Montessori International). Educators are trained to closely observe the interests and needs of your child. You won't see the educator standing in front of the class at the board but rather at your child's level, engaged with them or a small group.

Take the time to observe without interruption, to listen to the children

Repetition Until Mastery

Your child will be introduced to a wide range of concepts and activities through individual lessons and small group sessions. Real learning, however, occurs through independent activity when the child chooses to explore, repeat, and perfect it.

Beautiful Objects for Hands-On Learning

Scientifically designed Montessori materials assist your child in learning through hands-on exploration. Through consistent use, they develop a concrete understanding of abstract concepts, such as mathematics, providing a strong foundation for future learning.

School for Nature

A child should grow up surrounded by nature for their well-being. We are fortunate to be surrounded by the garrigue, and we take advantage of our outdoor space throughout the year. Children become stewards of nature, caring for living things like our chickens and garden.

"The child is not a vase that we fill

but a spring that we leave spring."
Maria Montessori

The classes

Registration and rates

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