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Registrations for 2023-24 are open!! 


Please complete the pre-registration form below.  

Firstly you will be invited for a tour of the school and an interview with the director. If after your visit you wish to register your child, we will send you an admission package. 

Children who are over 4 years old will spend between two and four days in our classes. This is to give them the opportunity to understand how a Montessori class works. 

Prices for the year 2023-2024

Registration fees, are used to cover the processing of registration files as well as the setting up of the atmosphere (consumables, educational materials, etc.) They will be cashed as soon as the file is accepted and cannot be recovered. 

Scholarship fees allow the school to operate. Montessori schools are not under contract with the state: they do not benefit from any funding for the payment of rent, charges, materials or salaries. In 2019, the schooling of a child in nursery or elementary school cost the state on average €7,000 per year (source: Ministry of National Education)

Monthly payment in 10 installments

3 - 6 years: €520                 6 -12 years: €565

Discounts and information
The annual rate includes daycare time during the lunch break. A tax credit is possible for children up to 6 years old (, find out more!

Parents who send several children to school benefit a 10% reduction in tuition fees for the second child, and 20% for the third child.

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Do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks for your message!

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