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THe Team


Camille Hériard Dubreuil

Director and Montessori educator with AMI diploma 3-6 years old

I am 43 years old, I studied in the United States then I spent a year in Peru as a volunteer in a Peruvian NGO that defends the rights of working children. After 4 years of teaching in primary school, I stopped to take care of my children and my bed and breakfast.


I believe that learning can be full of joy, children are able to approach learning with enthusiasm if we pass on a desire to understand the world around us. This is why I decided to open the school in 2016 and trained in Montessori pedagogy. I like to observe and accompany the children, to see them grow, progress and blossom.


Claire Guinier

Montessori educator with AMI diploma 3-6 years old

I have been working in the field of education with children since 2015. After completing a degree in geography and a master's in project coordination, I worked for several years within the national education system. Following that experience, I shifted towards Montessori education.

After my training, I worked in several schools, including in Gambia and later in France, from Jura to Carcassonne and all the way to Nice.

Montessori education was a revelation for me. What resonates with me in this approach is not teaching to an indistinct group, but revealing and guiding each individual within the group. Every child is unique and has the space to express themselves within this environment.

"The true duty of the teacher is to help, not to judge." - M.M.

The wide range of concepts offered by Montessori education enables a child to become an empathetic, responsible, and joyful individual. It's all of this that nourishes and motivates me in what I aim to offer children within the children's house.

"Education is a natural process in the child that is not acquired through words but through the experience of their environment." - M.M."


Maria Gimeno Navarro

Montessori educator with AMI diploma 6-12 years old

My name is Maria, I am 40 years old and I am Spanish. I did all my schooling in a bilingual English-Spanish school and this is certainly what opened the doors of foreign languages and the desire to know the world.  


I worked for several years as an engineer and it was when I became a mother that I discovered Montessori pedagogy ... it was immediately a revelation, a new vocation! So I trained at the Maria Montessori Institute in Montpellier (AMI) and I joined the team in Uzès in 2018. Like Nelson Mandela I truly believe that: "education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" and I am sure that here we are contributing to that. I am delighted to accompany children in this stage of their lives where curiosity, imagination, social life and openness to the world are key.


Fiona Moreno

English-speaking Montessori Assistant, graduate of the London Montessori Center 3-6 years old.

I was born in Hong Kong and have lived in the United States and England. Later, I have been residing in Bouches du Rhône since 2008, when I left London for France.

I love singing, dancing, and playing the piano. Broadway musicals are my favorites. After earning a degree in musicology and theatre in Hong Kong, I moved to London to further my training in musical theatre.

Throughout my career, I have taught piano, singing, and English in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, and Aubagne. I became an English-speaking Montessori educator in 2017


Thomas Thurgate


I was born in England in Wales, and I am a musician. I have lived in Germany and now in France with my wife and two children.

I am a musician, playing the bass guitar, and I have a music band! I worked as a chef for several years in a restaurant in England.

Today, I am the chef at the Montessori school, where we serve organic and vegetarian cuisine. Every day, the children come to cook with me, and it's a pleasure to share and get to know them.

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