Camille Hériard Dubreuil

director and Montessori educator with AMI diploma 3-6 years old


I am 40 years old, I studied in the United States then I spent a year in Peru as a volunteer in a Peruvian NGO that defends the rights of working children. After 4 years of teaching in primary school, I stopped to take care of my children and my bed and breakfast.


I believe that learning can be full of joy, children are able to approach learning with enthusiasm if we pass on a desire to understand the world around us. This is why I decided to open the school in 2016 and trained in Montessori pedagogy. I like to observe and accompany the children, to see them grow, progress and blossom.


Niki Maia Rutt

english-speaking Montessori educator 3-6 years old

I have more than 20 years of experience in Montessori pedagogy. I graduated in London in 1999 and since then I have had the chance to work in several schools around the world. I started in London and then worked in schools in Australia and New Zealand. I have worked with children from 0-9 years old throughout my career and often in bilingual environments.


I am delighted to join the team at Montessori Uzès and I am discovering France with my son, new for both of us! I am the English-speaking referent teacher and the children love to explore my language... Our days are punctuated with songs, crafts from different origins and presentations in a prepared environment. I love spending my time with children of this age; accompanying them in the discovery of a new language and watching them grow in confidence. For me it is very important to work with families and to be able to create meaningful learning experiences with the children and their families.

Maria Gimeno Navarro

Montessori educator with AMI diploma 6-12 years old

My name is Maria, I am 37 years old and I am Spanish. I did all my schooling in a bilingual English-Spanish school and this is certainly what opened the doors of foreign languages and the desire to know the world.  


I worked for several years as an engineer and it was when I became a mother that I discovered Montessori pedagogy ... it was immediately a revelation, a new vocation! So I trained at the Maria Montessori Institute in Montpellier (AMI) and I joined the team in Uzès in 2018. Like Nelson Mandela I truly believe that: "education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" and I am sure that here we are contributing to that. I am delighted to accompany children in this stage of their lives where curiosity, imagination, social life and openness to the world are key.


Anuradha Parthiban

éducatrice anglophone diplômée AMI 6-12 ans 

Après avoir effectué un master de zoologie, j'ai commencé  à travailler dans une ONG en tant que chercheuse. J'ai découvert Montessori en tant que parent, puis j'ai rapidement décidé de poursuivre une carrière dans l'éducation. Après avoir obtenu mon diplôme élémentaire AMI, j'ai travaillé huit ans en Inde, en Thaïlande et en France ( Uzès) dans des environnements bilingues et trilingues. Ces expériences m'ont incitée à passer mon diplôme AMI 3-6 ans. J'ai continué mon voyage avec les enfants du primaire au Vietnam et en Inde pendant trois autres années. Aujourd'hui je suis de retour à l'école Montessori d'Uzès. J'aime beaucoup travailler avec les enfants. j'aime apprendre, cuisiner, peindre, faire pousser des plantes, voyager et passer du temps avec mes amis et ma famille

Lorelei Mathieu

Montessori 6-12 years old assistant

I studied child developmental psychology for seven years. After obtaining my master's degree, I wanted to turn to the educational world as opposed to a therapy one in order to go back to the sources of learning disabilities. A few years later, in addition to my personal reading and research on alternative pedagogies, I discovered Maria Montessori's philosophy and began to train myself.


I work daily to ensure that children are treated with all the respect and attention that they deserve. I identify with the words of Maria Montessori: "The child is not a vase that you fill but a spring that you let spring forth". Outside of school I spend my days with my daughter in nature, surrounded by the Camargue... and if not with a book in my hands! I love to read; tales, all kinds of novels, documentaries...



Physiotherapist, I do gymnastics for elderly people when I'm not at school. I always grew up close to nature in Germany and then here in France and I changed my diet a long time ago to be vegan. I have a passion for the earth and I trained myself to be able to prepare vegetarian dishes at school. I have two other passions, ceramics and my two daughters. I prepare the dishes I cook for the children every day with a lot of attention and I love spending time in the garden with them and then transforming the harvest.