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The child is very sensitive to music, rhythms, nature and art.

It is our goal to nurture this natural sensitivity every day at school.


We offer children the opportunity to experience music through listening, singing and playing small instruments. Rhythm helps them to feel good in their body and to eventually master it. Singing takes place every day and we have a weekly music session with a specialized teacher. 


An understanding of nature is essential for a child. We take care of the garden on a daily basis, observing animals and plants along the way. There is always equipment available for outside activities if the weather allows.


During breaks, children can exercise their agility by climbing, running, or playing with wheelbarrows, buckets, etc.

Arts & crafts

Supplies for self expression and manual work are readily available:

  • a table where the child can explore different techniques  (watercolor, pastel, clay)

  • a workbench where children can touch and sand different types of wood 

  • sewing and knitting projects


All meals are carefully prepared by our on-site cook. The school cares deeply about the choice of products that are consumed, all of which are organic. The students participate actively in the preparation of the daily menu. All meals are vegetarian. 


English is a constant presence in the classroom, with at least one English speaking teacher in each class. The children are exposed to a bilingual learning environment from a young age, assisting in effortless language learning. 

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